El Mercado de las Pulgas Dorrego

El Mercado de las Pulgas Dorrego is a well organized marketplace, with much to offer to those who dare to visit it with a sharp eye and a bit of patience

Until 2006, El Mercado de las Pulgas Dorrego was literally a maze to get lost in, while looking through piles of relics and antiquities stored randomly by each vendor. But today, after a five years modernization process which was originally supposed to only last a few months, El Mercado de las Pulgas Dorrego lost a bit of its genuineness and originality: Gone are the days of rummaging during hours until you found something you could not have imagined finding there. This flea market is nowadays a relatively well organized market place.

Since July 2011, the “renewed” Mercado de las Pulgas Dorrego, is back to its usual place; it features today 143 well organized booths over 13,400 square meters, which are specialized in diverse products such as glassware, furniture, brass-ware, clothes and pictures.

Even though today this flea market has nothing to do with the previous “sweet chaos” it was made of, it has still much to offer to those who dare to visit it with a sharp eye and a bit of patience. While some businesses offer decorative replica of designer furniture, the quality of the original is usually superior, and worth finding.

Here are a few booths of El Mercado de las Pulgas Dorrego worth mentioning: Om Crystal (booth 86), devoted to twentieth century glassware: cups, pitchers, vases, cheese plates, candy bowls, etc; Suam (booth 98) which houses a vast collection of European, Asian and Argentinean crockery; Hector Diseño (booth 13), Scandinavian and North American furniture; Rincón Azul (booth 70), fittings, posters, bronze pieces; The Peruvian (booth 136), French chairs, mainly Louis XV.

The Mercado de las Pulgas Dorrego is located between the streets Dorrego y Niceto Vega, near the street Álvarez Thomas, Concepción Arenal and Martinez, on the border of the Coleraine district and Palermo district.

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