Feria del Anticuario

Surrounded by the best residences of Acassuso, in the elegant North area of Buenos Aires, Feria del Anticuario is a bustling and beautiful flea market filled with antiques, rare art objects and curiosities

Home to the renown Feria de las Antigüedades y las Cosas Viejas de San Pedro Telmo and the Mercado de las Pulgas Dorrego, Buenos Aires is a haven for antiques and second hand treasures. For those that simply love to shop for antique collectibles and curiosities, the Feria del Anticuario is a flea market that should not be missed. Take a train ride on the Tren de la Costa on any weekend or holiday, disembark at the station “Las Barrancas” in the elegant North area of Buenos Aires, and you will step straight into a bustling and beautiful flea market filled with antiques, rare art objects and curiosities.

The space that Feria del Anticuario occupies each weekend since 1997 is a historical and cultural celebration of Buenos Aires, and more than 70 stall holders fill the area with gems from the past. This large market continues to gain popularity, and it is easy to see why. Surrounded by the best residences of Acassuso, with the Río de la Plata at close range, Feria del Anticuario has won fans in both the locals and in visiting tourists and brings fresh wares to its tables so often that even regular shoppers will always find new items here.

Be it an old silver platter or a delicate Limoges chinaware, a sulky carriage or a warlike object from World War I, an ancient clock or a state-of-the-art telephone, there is plenty of variety in the items for sale at Feria del Anticuario. Some stalls are themed and specific, meaning it is easy for collectors to make a bee-line for them. Others are more eclectic displays, showing a bit of everything, meaning rummaging skills and a bit of patience may be needed! There are toys, books, magazines and newspapers, cameras, ornaments, lamps, dolls, music collections, clothing, jewelery and so much more. It is certainly worth spending the day, taking your time and having a look through as much as possible.

Pricing at Feria del Anticuario is also varied. Some pieces are more pricey, though worth it. Some vendors offer crazy bargains on wonderful items. There is something for every budget, regardless of whether you seek specific collectables or just browse for something to take your fancy. Feria del Anticuario has all needs covered, and it is impossible to leave empty handed.

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