Feria de las Antigüedades y las Cosas Viejas de San Pedro Telmo

One of the highlights of a trip to the Argentinean capital, mixing antiques, vintage, tango and local delicacies

The Feria de San Telmo (or San Telmo Flea Market) is one of the places that all tourists traveling to Argentina’s capital – regardless of whether they are flea market enthusiast or not – should mark on their itinerary.

Once a week, 20,000 antiques lovers and flea market enthusiasts flock to this flea market located in Buenos Aires’s historic center, Plaza Dorrego, to do a tour of the Feria de las Antigüedades y las Cosas Viejas de San Pedro Telmo – its official name in Spanish. With such a name, it is not surprising that one of the prerequisite for any aspiring owner of one of the 270 flea market booths to enter the draw, is to sell items produced before 1970s.

The Feria de San Telmo has been held uninterruptedly since 1970, and among the antiques sold at this flea market you will surely find something of your liking: stamps and coins from any era and all parts of the world, antique books, old music instruments, glass, vintage jewelry & clothing, old furniture shawls and much more, all of it surrounded by tango dancers – how could this be otherwise in Argentina’s capital?

After a lengthy stroll between the 270 booths of the Feria, you might be tempted to take a sit (and a bite), and relax in one of the many bars and cafes located within the district, while enjoying from an unmatched view and atmosphere.

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