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A trained stained glass restorer and designer, Drew Pritchard has been dealing independently since 1993 and has become a household name and an antique dealer to the stars thanks to the popular TV show Salvage Hunters

Anyone with even a passing interest in antiques in the UK has probably heard of Drew Pritchard. This antique store has become a household name thanks to the popular TV show Salvage Hunters.

Trained initially as a stained glass restorer and designer, Drew Pritchard has been dealing independently since 1993 unapologetically buying from the 17th to 21st century.  And his passion for anything old, unique, and full of character has been lifelong. Even those that watch the show have no idea what to expect when visiting Drew Pritchard Ltd in Conwy, Wales. Drew Pritchard’s taste as a collector runs the gambit and as long as the item has a certain age and quality, it stands a chance of appearing on a display in his store.

Drew Pritchard Ltd is kept fully stocked thanks to the owner’s tireless explorations of both Britain and Europe. He visits flea markets, estates, private individuals, and other antique dealers to source the best and more unusual finds for his store. There is no telling what might catch his eye during a treasure hunt.

Items that have found their way into his store over the years include oversized fruit and vegetable artwork, hat stands, furniture, lighting fixtures, toys, weapons, kitchen utensils, and other tools, hats and clothing, painting, bicycles, busts, and so much more. Should you be a collector with a specific wish, it is worth getting in touch and stating your desires, as it is highly likely that Drew Pritchard will find something for your collection.

As well as the store, Drew Pritchard Ltd keeps a well-stocked inventory on their website. It is worth keeping a close eye on this, as new items tend to be posted online and many will be snapped up before even making it onto the display in the store. Thanks in part to the TV show, though also through experience, this store has a long-standing reputation for authenticity and quality. Because of this, it has a large and loyal customer base. Once you have discovered the kinds of treasures that can be found here, you will also find that you keep on coming back!

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