Eco Depot Montréal

Aimed to inspire TLC enthusiasts, craftsmen and collectors, Eco Depot Montréal sells quality used items, like antique furniture, vintage clothing and accessories, and provide a wealth of ideas to give them a second life

The mission of Eco Depot Montréal is to showcase and sell quality used items, antique furniture, vintage clothing and accessories to meet all needs. It caters to DIY & TLC enthusiasts, craftsmen and collectors, and provide a wealth of ideas for re-utilization rather than endorse the common throw-away culture. For those that do not fancy to get their hands dirty and turn their own trash to treasure, Eco Depot Montréal displays great second-hand items at prices that suit every pocket.

Eco Depot Montréal is truly a treasure trove. The large store is laid out in such a way that shoppers are naturally led from one aisle to the other, and will not miss any of the merchandise on display. All the items look beautiful, and are presented in visually appealing creative displays that highlight pieces that should not be missed. Time gets lost inside here, and you are sure to build up a list of things that you want as you walk around, no matter how much of a regular visitor you may be.

The staff of Eco Depot Montréal are incredibly friendly and helpful to all visitors. Their knowledge about some of the pieces on sale seems limitless, and they have a clear passion for recycling and repurposing older things of all shapes and sizes. They will help with transportation and loading of any larger items too, and all with a smile, so you can shop without logistical worries! Everything from desks, to shoes, ornaments to toys, old stereos to filing cabinets can be found atEco Depot Montréal.

As well as being an irresistible shopping experience, Eco Depot Montréal is also somewhat of a social enterprise, making an annual donation to a selected cause and also donating a percentage of its yearly profits. Check out their Facebook page to have your say on which project they support with the money you spend there.

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