Grand Central Inc.

Since 1980, Grand Central Inc. has been a stand out store for high quality decorative arts in Montreal, selling antique chandeliers and sconces, as well as an extensive selection of antique furniture, sculptures, clocks, porcelain and objects d'art

Since 1980, Grand Central Inc. has been a stand out store for high quality decorative arts in Montreal. The owner describes this place as a gallery rather than a shop, and this is a perfectly accurate description. The Victorian building housing Grand Central Inc. is as unique as the pieces within, and creates the perfect ambiance for the antiques and art on display here.

Grand Central Inc. features a great variety of items for interior decoration and design like sculptures, antique furniture, clocks, and porcelain, though the store specializes in the curation of antique chandeliers and the Decorative Arts of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. It offers the largest and best selection of these items in Canada, and anyone with a collectors eye for such will be blown away by the showrooms of this store. 

The staff of Grand Central Inc. are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable in the field of antique decorative items and sconce, and great care is taken in the curation of the collection within. Items are sourced from both within Canada and further afield, and the needs and wants of customers is always of paramount importance. Grand Central Inc. is definitely a store that serious collectors will feel at home in, but anyone seeking something dazzling for their home should be sure to stop by here.

Grand Central Inc. works hard to ensure that its collection is constantly refreshed and updated. This means that regular visitors will always have new pieces to admire. This store will also go out of its way to source particular items as and when required, and shipping both home and abroad is no problem.

Anyone who is even a little bit interested in home decor should be sure to visit Grand Central Inc. It is an inspiring place to shop, and there is something new to be learned with every visit. Items range from small to the very large and there is sure to be something here to brighten up every household.

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