Montreal Antique District

Principally located on Notre-Dame Street West, the Montreal Antique District is an absolute must-see for all collectors and history buffs interested in high end antique shops and quirky junk collections

The Montreal antique district is an absolute must for anyone and everyone interested in discovering a different face of this city. Principally located on Notre-Dame Street West and extending over to Atwater Avenue and the Saint-Henri neighborhood, the Montreal Antique District leads visitors through a historical journey to explore the city’s wonderful charm and mysterious stories.

Pushing the door of one of the many antique shops in this district is literally entering a universe filled of history and magic. There are featured pieces unique to the area and the history of Quebec, Scandinavian, Mid-Century, Romantic, Arts and Crafts, Bauhaus, Modern, Rococo, Retro, Kitsch, Industrial, as well as a wide range of antiques from both home and the old continent. Montreal Antique District is therefore a must-see destination for all collectors and history buffs.

Regular visitors to the Montreal antique district are sure to have their favorite shops. The area has a lovely, old-world feel to it, as shoppers wind their way through the tights alleys and close-knit stores to feast their eyes on all the wares for sale. Collectors of specific themes could look in advance for the locations of the stores most likely to deliver them a prize, but time spent aimlessly wandering from one antique shop to another is also highly recommended! You just never know what can be found here, so it seems a shame to charge through to a desired store.

The shop owners in the Montreal antique district are sometimes as quirky and eccentric as their goods. They speak with passion and are happy to share the stories behind the items for sale, which is a lot of the joy of antique and second-hand shopping. The antique district runs the gambit in terms of types of shops; there are small thrift stores, shops that look like galleries, large antique stores that hold a few different vendors within, high end antique shops and quirky junk collections.

Flea market enthusiasts and antique lovers will find it challenging to leave a tour through the Montreal antique district without buying something. At least they will end up creating a list of things that they will buy the next time they visit!

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