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One of the largest collections of antiques and collectibles in the UK, FGB Antiques is a family-run business with over 55 years of experience and a long-standing member of the London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association (LAPADA)

FGB Antiques is a family-run business and a long-standing member of the London and Provincial Antique Dealers Association (LAPADA). The business was established in 1960 in London, UK,  and had three shops supplying the home and overseas trade. It relocated over the years from London to Rayleigh in Essex, and then again more recently to Rettendon in the Rettendon Antique Centre. Today, this is a 15,000 square foot showroom with workshops, and the business continues to supply coveted antiques to both the UK and other international collectors.

Over the years, FGB Antiques has become synonymous with quality. With so many years of experience in the business, the knowledge base of the staff and owners is extensive and wide-ranging, as are the antiques they keep in stock. Great effort is made to ensure that their collection is always changing and new items are continually added to both the showroom and the website.

As well as a great range in the types of items on offer, FGB Antiques also has a great range of prices. They are keen to maintain competitive pricing. Being so close to many dealers in London, they strive to provide more affordable items that can often be found in their local area. Customers should not be shy to offer deals and have a go at bargaining either. FGB Antiques always aim for high customer satisfaction and will seriously consider any offers made for their antiques.

There is a wonderful selection of different antiques up for sale at FGB Antiques. Visitors will find glass-fronted cabinets, chests of drawers, ottomans, dining chairs, small and large tables, sofas, clocks, and many other decorative items and conversation-starters for the home. Should a shopper be unable to find a certain desired item, it is worth mentioning such to the staff as there are always more items lurking behind the scenes and new goods arrive every week.

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