Flohmarkt Viktring

One of Austria’s largest open air markets, and a real gold mine to find a piece of Austrian history as well as mid-century antique furniture in impeccable condition.

Viktring Flea Market gives you a true taste of the countryside whilst providing one of Austria’s largest open air markets. Be prepared to get lost in the continual rows of vendors where anything goes.

The moment you arrive in the extensive car park – already filling up at 9am – you can feel the country air and the buzz of excitement around the fields. At first glance it looks like your run of the mill market with countless second hand vendors selling the usual bric-a-brac, vintage clothing and vinyl records. On closer inspection you find the fields to stretch back for miles and after three hours of walking round there is still more to discover.

The vendors at Viktring Flea Market are mixed and diverse, next to one ‘garage sale’ stall is a specialist in antique metal advertising signs. There are relics from across the ages. If you are seeking a piece of Austrian history then there are rare coins, stamps, medals and literature aplenty. Scattered throughout the grounds are numerous glistening crystal vases, interesting designed fine china along with retro electronic devices and mid-century antique furniture in impeccable condition.

If you are seeking one specific item then the sheer size and range of wares available can be a struggle to hunt through. However if you arrive at Viktring Flea Market with an open mind just to discover what is at hand then you are in for an enjoyable search.

Arriving early is a good way to ensure you find the real gems before anyone else. The range of prices from stall to stall can vary so it is advisable to get to the back of the huge market and unearth something special.

Think ahead of how you will carry your purchases. The ground can be uneven in places so wear suitable shoes. Space is tight due to the number of stalls and people present. It is possible to leave and re-enter as you take things back to your car, but this can be time consuming.

Some vendors start to pack away as early as mid-day so plan your shopping trip right to make sure you get to see all that is on offer.

A mid morning break for currywurst and a spritzer is a good way to recharge ready for round two – but a potential way to enhance the likelihood of an impulse buy you normally wouldn’t make.

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