Flowoods Antique Flea Market

Hosting way over 200 vendors, Flowoods Antique Flea Market is one of the largest antique market in Mississippi, which makes it less than probable not to leave the premises happy after spending a day there

To say Flowoods Antique Flea Market is huge, would be an understatement. Hosting way over 200 vendors, it is one of the largest antique market in Mississippi. Flowoods Antique Flea Market is open every weekend throughout the year, so every weekend is a good weekend for shopping for second hand items and the occasional hidden antique gem.

Flowoods Antique Flea Market has moved away from the more traditional flea market, populated by the contents of people’s homes, odd bits and bobs and general second hand trash waiting to be loved back to life. These kinds of stalls are around, though more abundant are the vendors offering quality antiques, specializing in the wares they have for sale and perhaps being a little hesitant to bargain for their items. Most vendors know what they have, and what the value of their merchandise is!

The vast space and the variety of the stalls composing Flowoods Antique Flea Market, make it less than probable not to leave the premises happy after spending a day there. And even though Flowoods Antique Flea Market is open every weekend, the merchandise is regularly changed up and there is always something new to see.

Pretty much anything that shoppers could think of will be on sale somewhere throughout Flowoods Antique Flea Market. There are collectable items from comic books to coins, militaria, old computer games, vintage radios, antique books, blocks, glassware, crockery, silverware, pottery and plenty of antique furniture. It is too easy to get lost in the past, wandering around this fantastic space. Flowoods Antique Flea Market features an indoor and outdoor area, so it is definitely possible to pass a day here without realizing where the time went.

The organizers of Flowoods Antique Flea Market know that shoppers need sustenance, and there is a great café on site for all necessary refreshments. There is also entertainment around for all the family, including live music and a balloon dude! Boredom is certainly not going to be a problem at Flowoods Antique Flea Market.

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