Foothills Flea Market

The largest indoor flea market in Northern Colorado, Foothills Flea Market has been around for over 30 years ago and now houses more than 80 dealers, welcoming shoppers every day and all year around

Foothills Flea Market is nestled in a hub of fleas and antique markets in Colorado, perfect for enthusiasts of all things old, unique and curious. This antique mall opened more than 30 years ago and now houses over 80 dealers, welcoming shoppers every day and all year around. All booths are indoors too, so come rain or shine Foothills Flea Market is the place to come for bargain and treasure hunting.

Large, warehouse-type building housing multiple dealers can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for visitors to negotiate, but this is absolutely not the case at Foothills Flea Market. The layout is very clear, and the whole space is clean, tidy and well maintained. The stalls are reasonably priced too, with vendors willing to bargain and offer even better prices than advertised. Everyone here is really friendly, welcoming and happy to answer any questions that shoppers may have.

There is a really great and wide variety of goods on offer at Foothills Flea Market. As well as some authentic antiques there are also fabulous nostalgic items from the 60s and 70s, some awesome examples of classic Americana, typical shabby-chic items, clothing, books and toys. Fond memories are sure to be awakened as shoppers stroll through here, which is of course a lot of the fun of hitting these kinds of stores!

Some of the dealers at Foothills Flea Market are pretty permanent fixtures on the premises, but the owners are constantly searching for and welcoming new dealers too. This ensures that there is a nice flow and rotation of stock, even though the store is open every day. It also means that there is always a good excuse to visit, even if you have only just been! You never know what you might find here.The icing on the cake: there are six other flea markets and antique stores in walking distance from Foothills Flea Market!

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