Fredericksburg Trade Days

Once a month, Fredericksburg Trade Days gathers upwards of 350 flea market vendors in seven large barns, a collection of smaller sheds, tents, and other buildings along the stretch of Highway 290 between Fredericksburg and Stonewall

Down in Texas, one flea market that absolutely should not be missed takes place once a month under the humble name of Fredericksburg Trade Days. The setting of this market is modest, but the goal is not to impress with a fancy environment but blow customers away with the goods available to buy and the atmosphere created by all the stall holders, vendors, organizers and visitors. No need to look classy to fit in here; in fact, the more comfortable the shoes, the better, as there is quite some walking to be done to make sure nothing is missed at this market.

Though the surroundings are simple, the infrastructure of Fredericksburg Trade Days provides more than enough space for all. There are seven large barns, a collection of smaller sheds, tents, and other buildings along the stretch of Highway 290 between Fredericksburg and Stonewall, easy to find with plenty of parking. Visitors can expect upwards of 350 vendors to entertain them, and with just a small $5 entrance/parking fee there is no reason not to pull up and fill a day with fun.

Fredericksburg Trade Days encourage all kinds of vendors, no matter what the specialization. There is literally a little bit of everything to be found in the stalls. Expect to see antiques, collectibles, indoor and outdoor plants, vintage tools, crafts, shabby chic, primitives, ranch furniture, hunting accessories, crystal household ware, collectable vinyl records, old bottles, vintage wedding cake toppers, dozens of painted signs, and a wide range of other second hand items and curios. There are also some fantastic vintage clothing stands, and some lovely jewelry to be found.

There is plenty of delicious food to be found at Fredericksburg Trade Days, ranging from classic Texan fare to more European treats, and this flea market could be worth visiting for taste sampling alone! And because of its proximity to the Pedernales River, wineries, and Lavender trails, a trip to Fredericksburg Trade Days makes for a fantastic family outing. One last advise – stick to a budget here, as it is too easy to spend out!

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4 reviews

  1. Great location to treasure hunt

    There are 7 large barns, several 2 sided sheds and many stand alone buildings to fill your shopping needs. Shop 3 days on a single parking pass! Great food and live music. Come out the weekend of the 3rd Saturday to shop rain, snow, sleet or shine!

  2. A full day of treasure hunting and enjoyment

    Wonderful vintage, antiques, recycled, new, and unique treasures. The atmosphere and vendors are welcoming and so much to see. At the back of Barn 1 you can enjoy the view of beautiful Longhorn cattle. This event needs to be on everyone’s place to visit.

  3. Much more than a Flea Market

    Fredericksburg Trade Day’s is much more than a Flea Market. There are hundreds of vendors selling incredible, One of a Kind, Hand Crafted items there.

  4. nice place

    THE PLACE TO BE I PROMISE!!!!! I was a vendor there for almost 7 years every month. Loved it every month and i MISS it every month . It is a place you will find what you are looking for a project ,a gift,good food,entertaiment,lots of smiles..Just one happy place to be… So Dont forget.. If you are going to fredricksburg ALWAYS go the 3rd weekend of each month..Its always there rain, sleet, snow, hail, cold ,hot, right across the street from the wild seed farm on 290.. Have fun and enjoy..Miss you Rhonda Gail !!!!!!! Charlotte and Burney Herman

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