Georgetown Flea Market

A pleasant pit stop in Georgetown for Safeway shoppers, prominent local, national and international personalities

Affectionately known as the G-Town Flea, the Georgetown Flea Market offers a pleasant pit stop in Georgetown for Safeway shoppers on the weekends.

Even if the Georgetown Flea Market is nothing like the great urban flea markets one may see in London and Paris, many prominent local, national and international personalities visit it on a regular basis: Beltway bohos, diplomats, politicos and off-duty Supreme Court justices flock to the G-Town Flea to hunt for bargains on antique furniture and costume jewelry.

The crowd attending Georgetown Flea Market is therefore as diverse as the items for sale: antiques, collectibles, art, Furniture, art, jewelry, decorative arts, linen, vintage clothes, bronzes, ivories, chandeliers, lamps, old toys, dolls, art pottery, antique tools, rugs, pottery, china, jewelry, silver, stained glass, books and photographs are a sample of the available items. Farm-fresh produce and artisanal foods round out the menu at a market with its own earth-friendly platform.

To summarize, the Georgetown Flea Market has everything flea market enthusiasts love about, what is commonly known as The Art of the Find. Haggle, dicker, bargain, negotiate: the Georgetown Flea Market is a wonderful way to spend the day.

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    2 reviews

    1. Nice place to look something antique.

    2. Been in business for 40 something years, this flea market has stood the test of time. If you think the prices are too high, ask for a better one. Still don’t like the price? maybe your too cheap. There’s yard sales and baby crap in woodbridge for you. This flea market still exists because the prices ARE good and there several fair, high quality dealers who arrive every single Sunday.

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