Glasgow City Antiques

The largest centre for antiques and collectables in Scotland, with more than 30 merchants housed under one roof, Glasgow City Antiques is the perfect place to spruce up your home or embark on a little interior design

Scotland has plenty to offer those with an interest in history and collectable items, and not least among the attractions is Glasgow City Antiques. This is the largest centre for antiques and collectables in Scotland, with more than 30 dealers housed under one roof. These kinds of huge places are not so common in the UK, so it is definitely worth taking a trip to this store to see the wealth of treasures that it has to offer.

The staff within Glasgow City Antiques are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable regarding their trade. Visitors can ask any question of them and be sure of a full and friendly answer. As well as their expertise regarding antiques and vintage items, they will also willingly assist with any logistical problems that shoppers may have, carefully taking large items apart to allow transportation or arranging a delivery service where this may not be possible. So, there is no excuse not to leave this store with everything that you may fancy!

Furniture is one of the dominant features in Glasgow City Antiques, so anyone looking to spruce up their homes or embark on a little interior design should not miss a visit to this store. Among the furniture there are also ornamental items, antique construction material, mid century modern design, Art Deco, collections of artwork, glassware and crockery, advertising memorabilia, nautical items, toys, books, taxidermy and so much more.

It is definitely possible to get lost in memories as you browse around Glasgow City Antiques. Nostalgia can be found lurking in every display, which is of course one of the main things that visitors to such a store are searching for. Collectors of items from specific fields will be pleasantly surprised at the offerings here, and staff are more than happy to seek goods out that are desired. Luckily this store is open every day, as visitors will find themselves returning again and again for sure.

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