Heritage Antique Market

Housing around 65 different antique dealers on a 10,000 square feet exhibition area, the Heritage Antique Market is one of the largest antique markets in Delaware and can be accurately described as a wonderland of antique treasures

The Heritage Antique Market is one of the largest antique markets in Delaware. It is more than 10,000 square feet in size and is somewhat of a wonderland of antique treasures. The main showroom of this store houses around 65 different antique dealers, all arranged in such a way that even though the room is full, it does not feel overly crowded. It is no wonder that the reputation of this store precedes it and it attracts customers from the state of Delaware and further afield.

The thing that draws many people to flea markets is the thrill of the hunt, of rummaging through tables stacked with goodies and never knowing what is lurking there. This is exactly the spirit that has been captured by Heritage Antique Market. All the dealers are friendly and welcoming and encourage visitors to spend time at their booths, investigating the items there and asking all the questions they want to. If collectors stop by in search of something specific, they will be pointed in the right direction. Whatever kinds of vintage items or antiques are sought, this store will have something just waiting to be found.

With so many vendors under one roof, the Heritage Antique Market offers a wide range of goods for sale. The numerous items of furniture are so beautiful that it will be tempting to re-fit one’s entire house! Fantastic vintage posters decorate the walls, alongside artwork, and advertising memorabilia. Also on display is silverware, glassware, vintage toys, rocking horses, lamps, mirrors, clocks, model sailing boats, beer barrels, typewriters, tools, and so much more.

The Heritage Antique Market is open every day of the week, so antique enthusiasts can always pop in and enjoy a walk around here. However, this is a difficult store to only browse through and the chances of leaving empty-handed are slim!

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