Het Grote Avontuur (by appointment only)

A beautiful interior design shop that sells stationary , vintage and bric brac furniture and unique items from all over the world or from designers close to Amsterdam

Het Grote Avontuur (the Big Adventure) is a beautiful interior design and style shop that has been selling stationary and paper goods since 1994. The brainchild of Anna Massee, a creative jack-of-all-trades, this warm and cosy little shop has a lot to showcase, mainly vintage paperstuff, like old school posters, botanical prints, great books and their very own series of retro postcards.

Back in 1994, Anna Massee started out her business in Haarlemmstraat with antiques and self-designed items. She then changed the concept and combined second-hand products from around the world, Morocco, India, Mexico, Russia, China and so on. The genuineness and variety of décors and furniture on display, the botanical prints & retro school posters in Dutch, the surprisingly affordable prices and the warm and inviting nature of the shop’s owner, participated to making this venue a must see for shoppers buzzing around in Haarlemmstraat.

Beside stationary, Het Grote Avontuur offers vintage and bric brac furniture and unique items from all over the world (like those lovely miniature replicas of cars and vans from the 1970s) or from designers close to Amsterdam.

Even though Anna Massee closed her store in Haarlemmstraat back in 2015 to pursue her other passions for photography and styling, Het Grote Avontuur continues online on Instagram, Marktplaats, and Facebook marketplace.

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