De Weldaad Antiek & Woondecoraties

De Weldaad Antiek & Woondecoraties is a cosily located antiques & vintage shop, which sells everything from antique tiles and Delft blue porcelain, to crystal chandeliers, decorative glassware and religious items

Cosily located in a beautiful canal house at the corner of Reestraat and Keizersgracht, De Weldaad Antiek & Woondecoraties (“Antiques, Construction and Decoration”) offers everything from antique tiles and Delft blue porcelain, to crystal chandeliers, beautifully decorative glassware and religious items.

De Weldaad specializes in antiques, historic building materials and antique country furniture from the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia and France. The rapidly changing stock is sold to individuals, but also to wholesalers, retailers, caterers, architects, designers and decorators.

The personally selected homewares are directly purchased from scrapyards, furniture dealers, individuals/Gypsies and antique markets, which makes it absolutely genuine (no “made in China/Pakistan/Indonesia” here). So visitors can rest assured that they’re not taking home some fake antiques that has been replicated a thousand times. From digging around, one can even find century old dusty bottles!

The variety of items on display, the cosiness of the place and its location make of De Weldaad Antiek & Woondecoraties a must visit in Amsterdam. Price wise, the shop is surprisingly affordable (compared to similar shops in London or Paris). And even if you’re not in a shopping mood, a trip to De Weldaad is a reward by itself!

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  1. Antiek big and small

    Nices antiek classic and new old antiek big and small.

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