Antiekcentrum Amsterdam

The Antiques Centre is the largest indoor antiques' market in the Netherlands, featuring a veritable maze of 72 stalls and 95 showcases, weaving through 1750 square meters.

Amsterdam has a vibrant and historic market scene, and flea market enthusiasts will never be bored in this city: from the Spiegelkwartier (Amsterdam’s antique district) to the Vlooienmarkt IJ-Hallen and Waterlooplein Markt, there’s always something to keep antique and vintage enthusiasts busy. In fact, Amsterdam is also home to the largest indoor antiques’ market in the Netherlands, which can be found in the central neighborhood of Jordaan.

Antiekcentrum Amsterdam (The Antiques Centre, previously called De Looier Antiques Market) is a veritable maze of 72 stalls and 95 showcases, weaving through 1750 square meters (18,800 sqft). To fully explore this sprawling market, comfortable shoes are a must! However, there is a cafe within for those needing rest and refreshments.

Appearances can be deceiving and this is certainly the case when faced with either entrance to Antiekcentrum Amsterdam. One is found on Elandsgracht and the second by the Lijnbaansgracht. These shop-fronts look a little drab and unremarkable.

Within a few steps though, it is clear that Antiekcentrum Amsterdam is a treasure-trove for everyone from souvenir-shopper to antique-hunter.  There is vintage jewelry, grandfather clocks, furniture, and children’s toys, alongside plenty of war memorabilia for any browsing history buffs.

Vendors selling at Antiekcentrum Amsterdam are not always found at their stalls, so the sales system can be a little confusing for the uninitiated. There are bells to ring for service in these cases, and also a central reception/help desk that can provide extra information. It is always worth seeking out the seller for a conversation over pieces of interest, as prices can be negotiated. Every Wednesday and each weekend, Antiekcentrum Amsterdam showcases an additional space for people to rent tables and trade their own wares.

Antiekcentrum Amsterdam has a very comfortable and cozy ambiance despite its size. A visit a this antique center is a great cultural alternative for those suffering from museum fatigue! As it is a completely covered market it is open all year and in any weather.

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