Jubilee Market

One of the most enjoyed antique markets in the city, the weekly Jubilee Market showcases a wide ranging selection of items spanning a breadth of historical periods

London is one of the best cities in the world to go shopping for antiques, though with so many locations to choose from it can be tricky to know where to start. Jubilee Market is a famous, large, daily market and can not be easier to find as it is located in Covent Garden. Some visitors are unaware that every Monday, this market specializes in antiques, and is indeed one of the most enjoyed antique markets in the city. This is partly due to the buzz that always surrounds this area of London, but also because there are so many quality collectable items to choose from.

Jubilee Market open early, painfully so at 5am, so perhaps the most hardened collectors will want to set an alarm to arrive as doors open. However, visitors arriving at a more civilized time (around 9am!) have found that this is really when the market feels like it is getting ready for trading, and that a lot of the transactions taking place in the pre-dawn time are between trader and trader. Of course, this may be when some collectors will feel they should be around, but the more casual enthusiast should not worry about missing out.

There are some long established antique vendors at Jubilee Market, and there is plenty of history to be told regarding the market itself, which makes the vendors a wonderful and interesting group to talk to. All have a high degree of professionalism, and an obvious passion for their wares. Items are wide ranging and span a breadth of historical periods. Visitors will find wonderful porcelain items, jewelry stalls, vintage linen and garments, vintage books, Art Deco, European antiques, type-writers, silverware, tea pots, vintage comics, antique photos and postcards, some Militaria, Crystalware, posters and more.

Mondays at Jubilee Market is the only weekly antique market to be found in central London. It suits shoppers with a range of budgets too, and is a great reminder that bargains can still be found in this city!

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