Kane County Flea Market

Kane County is a quaint township with rich historic value, that hosts once a month a 1,000 booth-large Flea Market, which gathers record numbers of up to 30,000 visitors

Kane County, Illinois is a quaint township with rich historic value, a prime getaway for nature lovers with its preserves, hiking trails and national parks. With its vast open spaces and historical preservation, it is a prime location for the Kane County Flea Market. The fairgrounds are where bargain hunters, treasure seekers or those looking for a weekend escape, unite.

Once a month from March to December, the Kane County Flea Market fills up to 1000 booths, and gathers record numbers of up to 30,000 visitors. No wonder why it is one of America’s favorite flea markets, and why it has been highlighted in online publications (such as Jet Setters Magazine and Conde Nast).

The Kane County Flea Market started off as the brainchild of Helen Robinson over 45 years ago and has grown exponentially for the past four generations. Operating in cooperation with both their customers and dealers, the organizers of this flea market have managed to truly offer something special for each and every visitor.

Specialty items sold at the Kane County Flea Market include antique furniture pieces and heritage valuables. Such items range from 1950s dinettes to Scandinavian apothecary tables, dressers and credenzas handmade during the 1960s.

However, vendors at the Kane County Flea Market also sell knick knacks for flea market newbies. Therefore you are at the right place if you are looking for accessories (sunglasses, bags, hats), books (first editions, classics, textbooks) jewelry (bracelets, heirlooms, mood rings) or even artwork (collector’s works, pop art) and vintage vinyl records. The Kane County Flea Market has it all: hundreds of dealers and visitors scrimmage for treasures and kitsch galore. Reviewers say that the best prices are available right here at the Kane County Flea Market.

People visiting the Kane County Flea Market will also find restaurants and food stalls in the vicinity to satisfy their hunger pangs. Bratwursts, hotdogs and pizza are available in abundance on the flea market fairgrounds. And let’s not forget the tea and lemonade stands! For a sweet tooth craving, Ingrish’s Pastries serve cookies, cakes and coffee.

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4 reviews

  1. Always so much to see and such friendly merchants. Definitely recommend a visit to anyone who enjoys flea markets.

  2. Whenever I’m in need of a few new coupe glasses, some fun vintage wares, or just a day away from the rush of the city, I try to make it out to the Kane County Flea Market. Great prices, huge pickles, and I always come with a few awesome finds. It is a bit of a haul but oh so worth it!

  3. A fantastic experience!!! An eclectic group of dealers and items available for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure. A bargain or that hard to find item sure to be found! One of the best flea markets in the country.

  4. Used to be much, much better.

    A few goodbuys but…I was away for 14 yrs and it’s gone down hill. Not a top 10 Market as they boast by any stretch. For 25yrs I’ve been to flea markets across the globe. Kane County Flea Market unfortunately now allows vendors selling new products from China. Its entrance for parking at peak hours is the slowest we’ve come across. Food vendors are limited and not interesting or very good. Craft venders almost outnumber flea venders. Center area (spoke shape) is confusing and annoying to navigate. In all our visits, didn’t see any runners moving large purchases to cars or a transport service (I don’t think they offer it as all the top markets do). Admittance cost is a tad high for what’s offered. Vendors cost for selling is overpriced and should be reduced to encourage flea vendors to come fill the areas. They need to attract quality food venders with a seating area and shaded seating area at that. 12 noon opening for buyers to start on Saturday is a terrible start time. A/C area sellers are mostly way overpriced. Barns are overcrowded with little area to walk. Open area sellers tend to be the best deals. Who ever is in charge of Kane County Flea Market is doing a very poor job. While we would like to go more often, the hot noon opening, distance and difficulty navigating have us reconsider other choices for the weekend.

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