Kitsch À l’Os

From the building to the collection of antique and flashy vintage items spanning almost a century, everything about Kitsch À l'Os oozes charm, nostalgia, and kitch

Everything about Kitsch À l’Os oozes charm. From the building to the owners, it all welcomes in customers and showers them with nostalgia. Kitsch À l’Os is a store selling a little bit of everything, and there are some fantastic antique and vintage finds hidden within. The shop also features plenty of space dedicated to local artists and handcrafts, making it a venue that gives a taste of both Montreal’s local history and current culture.

Spread over 2,000 square feet, the size of Kitsch À l’Os sounds like it could be overwhelming. But the store is organized incredibly. The old apartment building is divided into eight rooms, each dominated by a different theme. Therefore, collectors of specific items have an easy time to head to their room of interest. However, the best time here is probably had by those that don’t rush, explore each room and reminisce about the good old days as the amazing items are picked up and admired fondly.

The owners of Kitsch À l’Os clearly love what they do. The store celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2018, and the vibe of the treasured family business creates some of the welcoming atmosphere within. There is a story behind each item for sale, and be sure the owners know them all and are more than happy to share their knowledge with anyone interested.

The antique and vintage items in Kitsch À l’Os represent years from the early 1900s right up until the 1990s. Through the display rooms there can be found jewelry collections, illustrations, road signs, neon lights, rugs, linen, crockery, vintage appliances, publications, books, fine porcelain, decorative and industrial objects in all shapes and in a broad pastel colors palette.

Kitsch À l’Os is easily accessible by car or with public transport in Montreal. Anyone on the look out for that special item to add to their homes or offer as a present should absolutely stop by here.

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