Kurazh Bazar

Since 2015, Kyiv's Kurazh Bazar has grown into a fully fledged flea market welcoming once a month up to 400 flea market vendors and between 12,000 and 15,000 flea market enthusiasts and antique lovers.

Featuring a perfect balance of ancient and modern, Kyiv entices travelers the moment they gaze upon the city’s gold domes lighting up the leafy banks of the Dnipro. Ukraine’s capital city is equally loyal to babushkas and newly-rich oligarchs in fancy cars, to quiet idyllic parks and bustling highways, to top-notch supermarkets and flea markets like Kurazh Bazar.

Founded in October 2015, Kurazh Bazar (Кураж Базар) has since then become a true landmark in Kyiv for flea market enthusiasts and antique lovers. The original idea behind Kurazh Bazar was to create a space where everyone could buy and sell second-hand items, have fun, while helping raise money for various Kyiv charities. The entrance fee to Kurazh Bazar costs $3 USD, 1/3 of which is donated to a charity fund which helps children with disabilities and seriously ill children.

Today, Kurazh Bazar has grown into a fully fledged themed flea market (Jazz Edition, Indian Night Market, 90th style, Rap Kurazh, Christmas Party…) which welcomes once a month up to 400 flea market vendors and between 12,000 and 15,000 visitors, at the сreative cluster Art-zavod Platforma – a former silk factory which is still today an attraction in itself.

Merchants selling at Kurazh Bazar can basically be divided into two groups: 70% percent of them sell antiques and second hand items, while the other 30% sell accessories created by young Ukrainians designers.

Even though Kurazh Bazar is locally considered more like a garage sale, at least 30% of all vendors sell what is considered real vintage and antiques goods, like silverware and crockery, porcelain vases, paintings, collections of old samovars, antique clocks, musical instruments, antique lamps, glassware, vintage clothes and accessories, old photos of Kiev and its inhabitants, books and newspapers, vinyl records, photo cameras, and soviet memorabilia. The icing on the cake: most prices are super friendly, and there’s even room for haggling!

Besides the flea market itself, Kurazh Bazar offers many more opportunities for leisure: green lawn with sun loungers and puffs, live performances, concerts, street bars with wine and cocktails, and food court with tasty food,  therefore catering to anyone who just looks forward to spending the weekend in a cool festive atmosphere, while trying their luck at finding hidden treasures.

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