Lachute Flea Market

Vendors stalls are spread out over almost two miles at Lachute Flea Market! Rummage through second hand delights and find collectibles, dishware and small ornaments.

Lachute Flea Market in Quebec is one of the most talked about and influential flea markets in the area. It first opened in 1955 and has been featured in various Canadian newspapers and radio shows, as well as an episode of ‘Antique Hunter’ and ‘Canadian Pickers’. The owners at the market proudly proclaim that if they don’t have it, then you don’t need it! You can find pretty much everything that your heart desires here.

The main event takes place on Tuesday, and a smaller market is open on Sunday. The Tuesday market doubles up as a farmers market, showcasing fresh fruit and veg and other produce, and a horse auction! There is also a large antique mall for you to explore and pick up vintage gems, as well as the various outside antique vendors. Lachute Flea Market is an entertaining day out for the family – listen to live music, try local food and drinks, mingle with locals and have a day you’ll never forget.

Lachute Flea Market radiates a truly friendly atmosphere. Everyone who is there chats with each other about their day, and about their love for vintage and second-hand items. You can tell that all of the merchants are really happy to be there amidst the hustle and bustle.

We can’t say that this flea market specializes in any type of antique or area of interest, that’s because there is such a wide selection of goods on offer. However, the antique furniture here is the best you’ll find in the whole of Quebec. We suggest you come down (very early – antiques normally sell out by 7am on a Tuesday) and get stuck in delving through tons of treasures and trinkets!

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