Hauptplatz Flohmarkt Linz

The Hauptplatz Flohmarkt Linz is a true delight for antiques lovers and flea markets enthusiasts, set in front of the unique backdrop of one of the most beautiful closed squares in Upper Austria

Austria’s third largest city and the administrative capital of Upper Austria, Linz is also one of the most important cities sitting along the Danube approximately halfway on its course to Budapest. The river is an essential part of the city and indeed it’s believed to be the source of the city’s name, with the Roman word “Lentia” meaning “knee”, a direct reference to the bend in the Danube that Linz is built around.

As a matter of facts, one of Linz’ most interesting river-side attractions, besides the Lentos Museum (right bank) and the Ars Electronica Center (left bank), is its colourful and varied flea market set at the foot of the Trinity Column.

Held once a week in front of the unique backdrop of one of the most beautiful closed squares, the Flohmarkt am Hauptplatz is a true delight for antiques lovers and flea markets enthusiasts and a good reason to get up very early on a Saturday morning.

Over 100 sellers congregate to sell all kinds of odds and ends are sold there, from vintage toys, old magazines and glassware, to glittering chandeliers, high-quality paintings and antiques, old weapons, furniture, crockery and other oddities.

In the winter months (from November to February), the flea market is held across the river in Linz/Urfahr, in front of the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus), where it is better protected from wind and the cold weather.

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  1. extremely expensive flea market

    it is nice to look around, but it really does not fit under the flea market name…flea market is where you can bargain and things are cheaper in price…but in linz things are costing from 100 euros and beyond…and that is not what a flea market is about. i have been to many flea markets in europe but this in linz is just unbelievable with price. one guy even told me that one small angel that he said cost 200 euros. was given to him from michaelangelo!!!! can you believe that ??? LOL

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