Megaflohmarkt Interspar Linz

Megaflohmarkt Interspar Linz is the second largest weekly flea market in Austria, with vendors coming from all over the country and as far as Germany and the Czech Republic

Once a week, before the sun rises over the plastic palm trees of Linz’ Industriezeile car park, hundreds of merchants and vendors gather to do one thing they’re truly fond of: haggling. And this is not mystery why the Megaflohmarkt Interspar Linz is the largest flea market in Upper Austria, hosting every week more than 400 booths.

Thousands of visitors stroll through the exhibitor rows from 02:30 am until 01.00 pm, searching hidden gems, finding a bit of everything, buying useful appliances or simply spending an entertaining morning. From old and new car part, second hand clothes and other knick-knacks, to paintings, crockery, trinkets, wood-painted traditional Austrian furniture, 19th century weapons, militaria and other collectibles, the Megaflohmarkt Interspar Linz is a true heaven for bargain hunters. And it is not uncommon to find there high-quality antiques, that will later be auctioned at Vienna’s Dorotheum!

Visitors and the exhibitors come from all over the country, even from Germany and the Czech Republic – partly in buses. At dawn, the marketplace is already in full swing: Flea market professionals arrive as early as 4 clock in the morning, turn off their car and walk in the light of the shops among the other exhibitors before they set up their own stand. About 40 percent are returning customers, the rest are opportunity Exhibitors who clear out their basement or attic, sell collections or just want to get rid of unnecessary items.

Together with the simultaneously occurring “Interspar flea market” on the other side of the road, is the “flea market under the palm trees” probably the largest sunday flea market in Austria (beside Vienna’s Flea Market am Naschmarkt).

The infrastructure of the flea market under the palm trees is exemplary. Free parking in Cineplexx park (in case of bad weather, the flea market takes place in the parking garage instead), six employees on site, clean toilets, and from 3 o’Clock in the morning there are warm snacks, coffee and other drinks to help get some strength and fight the cold in Winter.

Audience and sellers are as colorful as life itself. On both sides of the flea markets you will find exhibitors and customers from all ages and all income levels, from shop employees to senior officials, children to pensioners. Prices range from 20 cents for toys, clothes, books and bags, to 300 Euros or more for exclusive antiques or taxidermied animals.

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