Mercadinho dos Clérigos

Mercadinho dos Clérigos is a quaint and bustling bi-monthly antique market located in one of the four districts within the UNESCO World Heritage Classified Zone of Porto

Mercadinho dos Clérigos is a quaint, eccentric, and bustling antique market found just around the corner from the Torre dos Clérigos in Porto, in one of the four districts within the UNESCO World Heritage Classified Zone of Porto.

This market pops up just twice a month, so make sure you check out dates and be in the area when the market is happening. Mercadinho dos Clérigos has been a tradition in this area for many years, and seems to continuously gain in popularity. Once you have visited, you will understand why.

Setting up all through the year, Mercadinho dos Clérigos does have a contingency plan for those day when the weather is less than agreeable, moving inside Plano B, at Cândido dos Reis street. This means the market can be enjoyed come rain or shine! Finer weather does create a more jovial atmosphere, but it is impossible to walk through this market without filling your bags whenever you visit.

One of the things that makes Mercadinho dos Clérigos special is the range of items it showcases. There are some lovely antique items to be found, and there are also plenty of stall dedicated to local handcrafts and artists. There are paintings, vintage clothes and other fashion accessories, comics, chandeliers, toys, crockery, glassware, smaller items of furniture, posters, coin collections, ornaments, candles and more. It is a great place to find a unique souvenir, or a talking point as a home decoration.

As well as the excellent curios and collectables, Mercadinho dos Clérigos also has a range of stalls offering refreshments. Foods and drinks local to the area are highlighted, and this market is a great place to get a taste of the local palate.

As with many markets, the best chance of finding that one of a kind, truly collectable item comes if you arrive with the vendors. However, Mercadinho dos Clérigos is open later into the evening, so can be enjoyed throughout a lazy afternoon, and revisited after a fantastic dinner from a local restaurant.

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