Mercatino dei Miracoli (permanently closed)

Literally translated to "Market of Miracles", this vintage lover's dream really is just that – a magical marvel hidden within Venice.

Literally translated to “Market of Miracles”, this vintage lover’s dream really is just that – a magical marvel hidden within Venice. And like all miracles, they are fleeting and rare; ‘Mercatino dei Miracoli’ usually takes place about ten days a year.

Located in the east of Venice in the Santa Maria Nova area, this small yet rich market welcomes antique fans to trade their goods. The one thing that helps this market stand out from others, is its warm and friendly atmosphere. Shoppers and sellers easily spend hours chatting away with each other ‘about their favourite eras and products. Avid collectors often visit ‘Mercatino dei Miracoli’ in hopes they will find the perfect vintage comic book or postage stamp from the Renaissance to finish their impressive collection.

Not only do people come here to find quirky Italian jewelery, china plates and ornate homeware, they visit this popular flea market to make new friends and communicate with people that share their passions. The locals that stand behind the stalls are more than happy to meet travelers from all walks of life and exchange stories with them. The rustic courtyard setting for this vintage flea market is another reason why so many people are drawn to ‘Mercatino dei Miracoli’, it’s a truly shabby chic location, and the perfect spot to snap photographs to share on Instagram.

If you are on the hunt for something that you never in your wildest dreams expected to find, chances are you’ll actually find it here. After all, this is the market of miracles – anything is possible. Vendors have a variety of random and interesting items up for sale, a lot of the products are Italian but there are also goods from Europe and all over the world. Ukuleles, vintage Italian issues of Vogue, silver stopwatches, engraved butter knives, intricate gold-plated hand mirrors and floral glass serving bowls – you will find all of it and more at ‘Mercatino dei Miracoli’.

The flea market opens its doors between March and December, for exact dates and times you can phone up their friendly team to find out. There are loads of boats that go to Campo Santo Maria Nova, the ‘Mercatino dei Miracoli’ is extremely easy to find.

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    1. No flea market I Santa Maria Novella in a few years

      This flea market does not exist anymore
      I was in Venice last May and the flea market was not there
      I am in Venice now December 2017 and only 1 minute from Santa Maria Novella and the flea market was not there
      I asked a store owner of a used book and print shop there and he said the flea market has not happened in a few years

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