Mercatino antiquariato di Ponte Milvio

The most select flea markets in Rome, and a reference for Roman citizens, tourists, merchants and residents of central Italy

The antiques market in Ponte Milvio is the most important and one of the most select flea markets in Rome. Launched almost twenty years ago, the Mercatino antiquariato di Ponte Milvio is a real tradition and a reference for Roman citizens, tourists, and residents of central Italy.

The Mercatino antiquariato di Ponte Milvio takes place twice a month in the area of Ponte Milvio, all year long (except in August). The flea market starts from the right side of the bridge, and spreads along the way Capoprati, following the Tiber river down to the Duca D’Aosta bridge (parallel to the bike path). The scenery makes the Mercatino antiquariato di Ponte Milvio antique market in Rome a trip on its own, even if you’re not in a shopping mood.

At Rome’s Ponte Milvio market, over 150 professional merchants gather from nearby regions of Italy. Many of the vendors found at this antique market are  antique dealers selling high-quality wares, collectors, art and antiques amateurs. But Ponte Milvio also attracts artists, painters, sculptors, decorators, artisans, designers, and furniture experts who expose their best pieces. Vendors who come to Rome to sell at Mercatino antiquariato di Ponte Milvio usually source their wares not only in Rome, but in the entire Italian peninsula and even abroad. The result is a vast variety of antique and vintage treasures.

The Mercatino antiquariato di Ponte Milvio is one of Rome’s all-time favorite flea markets and antiques markets and one of the best flea markets in Italy. This antique market always boasts a large turnout thanks to an audience mainly composed of dealers and antiques lovers, flea market enthusiasts, but also of many foreigners in search of a piece that can embellish their home.

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3 reviews

  1. Il mercatino è già noto ai più, ma ha sempre un fascino particolare visitarlo. Si stende sopra e a fianco dell’argine del Tevere e tutte le “baracche” espongono la merce selezionata e di un certo valore che dispongono con cura, seguendo i vari avventori con sagacia e capacità descrittiva. Si trova di tutto,si potrebbe dire “dallo spillo al carro armato” ed alcuni pezzi sono veramente pregiati. Se in zona merita senz’altro una visita.

  2. The Mercatino di Ponte Milvio a Roma is held on the first and second Sunday of each month along the Tiber River, near Ponte Milvio. Maybe once the market answered in full to its name, with the ability to find “unobtainable” pieces, coming from some ancient house or abandoned cellar. Today it lost a bit of its shine: what you will find is sold for stratospheric prices and over 50% of the stalls selling modern household items, jewelry, casual clothing, food, drinks, etc. In short: it is not worth a visit.

  3. If you are fond of antiques and memorabilia, you should definitely pay this flea market a visit. The market, which winds along a short stretch of the Tiber next to Ponte Milvio, is held on the first and second Sunday of the month. Goods on display range from clothing and designer shoes to antiques, crafts, vintage costume jewelry. It is difficult to find new merchandise (which is a great thing) except for stalls selling clothing and footwear outlets. In short, the Mercatino di Ponte Milvio a Roma is a real flea market, colorful and varied, very interesting.
    Nearby you can have a drink or coffee at one of the outdoor kiosks that make real Italian coffee and aperitifs in the Ponte Milvio area.

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