MOFU Vintage and Contemporary Design

For anyone that has ever wanted a talking-point among their home furnishings, popping into MOFU Vintage and Contemporary Design is certainly worth it.

It is hard to walk down Sarri Street in the trendy neighborhood of Psyrri in Athens without one’s gaze being drawn towards the awesome display of wares by MOFU Vintage and Contemporary Design. Psyrri is the area that people flock to for entertainment, and MOFU fits in here perfectly.

MOFU Vintage and Contemporary Design has been a feature in Athens for about ten years now. The owner began collecting furniture pieces as a simple hobby, and gradually up-scaled his work as his passion grew. As the name suggests, MOFU specializes in vintage pieces (at least 30 years old) and the majority of items are sourced from the USA and Europe. As well as the vintage items, MOFU also houses beautiful items of household furnishes and décor by contemporary designers, so holds everything possible to make home furnishings unique.

Of course, the joy in vintage goods is the history they hold, and the owner of MOFU Vintage and Contemporary Design appreciates this fully. Shopping here is always a bespoke experience in itself, and it is clear that the owner enjoys imparting the history behind the items and passing on the narratives, as well as the pieces themselves.

As well as larger pieces of furniture, MOFU Vintage and Contemporary Design also holds lighting fixtures including chandeliers, lamps, mirrors and arty ornaments. The pricing is reasonable indeed for what is on offer, as MOFU wants to encourage anybody and everybody to personalize their homes, not just offer expensive items for collectors to acquire.

It is certainly worth popping into MOFU, for anyone that has ever wanted a talking-point among their home furnishings.

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