Platia Avissinias Square Market

An extremely popular venue in Athens, Platia Avissinias Square antique market has been part and parcel of Athenian life since early 20th century and its popularity shows no signs of diminishing.

Athens is steeped in history and its rich cultural heritage is reflected in the wares found on its markets. The city hosts every day a large market on and around Monastiraki Square, which is more like a huge collection of shops and goods. But for a more specialized collection of finer quality antiques, a trip to the Platia Avissinias Square market is required. This antique market is found just a short walk off of the central street of the Monastiraki market (Ifaistou Street).

The weekly antique flea at Platia Avissinias Square market is an extremely popular venue and sellers take over the square and spill into the surrounding winding streets. The markets have been part and parcel of Athenian life since early 20th century and their popularity shows no signs of diminishing. Those determined for a quality antique at a great price should make their way to the Platia Avissinias Square market early in the day, but those more interested in browsing and absorbing the incredible atmosphere can easily wait until lunchtime.

As well as the variety in shoppers from the professional antique hunter to the interested tourist, the vendors at Platia Avissinias Square market display a comparable variety of goods. The diverse cultural history of Athens is represented in many of the items from traditional Greek embroidery, to Ottoman glassware, to pottery from the Aegean. There is also silverware, vintage books, rare medical and musical instruments, maps and furniture on sale. It is a special place indeed, and there is good reason why the consummate antiques’ dealers take such an interest in the Platia Avissinias Square flea market.

Platia Avissinias Square market is surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants, so when in need of a break from the flea market a wonderful Greek wine or salad is within easy reach. It is a fantastic location for people-watching too, and half a day can be easily enjoyed in and around this flea.

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