Flohmarkt München-Riem

Flohmarkt München-Riem is the largest open air flea market in Bavaria and one of the largest garage sale in Germany

Once a week since 1993,  what is considered by many to be the largest open air flea market in Bavaria, and one of the largest garage sale in Germany, takes place on the grounds of the Messe München-Riem.

Flohmarkt München-Riem is organized by the “Flohmarkt München-Riem” association, in collaboration with the Paritätischen Wohlfahrtsverband Bayern (Joint Welfare Association Bayern, District Association Oberbayern). This flea market enables both private and professional sellers to exhibit and sell antiques, vintage, kitsch, junk and commercial products over a 150,000 square meters open-air area. This explains why this flea market regularly attracts over 5,000 visitors on nice flea market days!

The premise of the München-Riem flea market is easily accessible by car (parking fee = 3 euros) and public transport (15 minutes ride with subway U 2 from Munich’s city center to München-Riem station “Messestadt-Ost”). The visitors’ entrance to the München-Riem flea market is located at the exhibition tower (free of charge access).

Besides its size, the attractiveness of the München-Riem flea market also lays in the wide range of beverages, snacks and culinary delights of all kinds offered on site. Schweinebraten and Leberkäse are all time favourites, particularly among tourists looking forward to trying some local Bavarian delicacies, while fish lovers will get satisfaction from deep-fried fish dishes.

A rich selection of softdrinks, beers, coffees and teas, as well as various sweet desserts, complete this gastronomic offer. A visit to the München-Riem flea market therefore leaves nothing to be desired.

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3 reviews

  1. Für Fans von Flohmärkten ist dieser hervorragend.Hier findet man alles, was man sich vorstellen kann. Leider sind auch einige Händler mit viel Ramsch vor Ort.

  2. This market located on Messestadt is one of the largest in Germany & definitely the largest in Munich.It is open on all Saturdays from 6 am to 4 pm,better to go early to avoid the large sea of humanity that builds up later during the day.Be prepared to be jostled around so leave your kids behind!

    The problem here is digging through the junk to find your illusive item & if you succeed, you will surely be very exhilarated at your treasure find but be sure that its not a fake ! Carry change to fortify your bargaining powers which bigger notes would deprive you of ! I am sure it will be fun & rewarding experience if you set your mental frame with this thought “Don`t expect anything but be pleasantly surprised if you find one” !

  3. We visited the market to get a true Munich life experience. It did not disappoint. You could literally do all your fresh food shopping here, not to mention find wonderful gifts. The market is worth the visit and close to the glockenspiel…. so you can actually do both in one morning.

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