Flohmarkt München Daglfing

A family flea market by essence, Trabrennbahn Daglfing flea market is mainly built on a huge outside space, but also has a covered area that keeps the whole venue operational even during rainy days

“Colorful, large and charming”: This should definitely be the motto of the Trabrennbahn Daglfing flea market in Munich (Flohmarkt München Daglfing). A family flea market by essence, the Trabrennbahn Daglfing flea market is mainly built on a huge outside space, but also has a covered area that keeps the whole venue operational even during rainy days. The Daglfing flea market operates twice a week (except on public holidays), from morning to afternoon.

The Daglfing flea market is an old school family flea market: From baby prams to clothes and toys for toddlers, games for the whole family, children books, music, and even everyday objects for the garden and the house, there is something interesting here for everyone.

At the Daglfing flea market it is possible to suddenly find your dream bike, get hold of an old but still well-functioning turntable and find a unique lamp with a vintage design, all on the same stall. In addition to this traditional flea market on the outdoor area, there are two covered areas hosting an antique and vintage market.

This is where the savvy collector and antiques lover will find those venerable objects whose appearance harbors fascinating stories. Whether it’s an old piece of furniture, a noble crystal chandelier or a valuable porcelain from an old family heritage, the antique market guarantees high-quality workmanship and the unique charm of half-a-century old household items.

After half a day strolling down the alleys of the Daglfing flea market, it is more than time to take a break and rest the soar feet: the flea market has its own restaurant providing all kinds of typical Bavarian delicacies, drinks and snacks. And when the weather allows it, the owners of the local Beergarten (beer garden) operate their barbecue outside.

Flea market enthusiasts who are always on the hunt for special treasures and unusual objects, will get their value for money. The Daglfing flea market is actually something for everyone: from the child looking to expand his Lego collection, to the old gentleman who wants to increase his railway model landscape.

To summarize it, this flea market provides a fantastic family outing. And even if you do not plan to necessarily buy something, a visit to this flea market is always worthwhile. The ensemble of objects of all types and stripes as well as the colorful maze of stalls, literally provides a visual feast to the eyes.

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2 reviews

  1. Schöner Flohmarkt für Alltägliches und Raritäten.

  2. Definitv nicht zum Lieblingsflohmarkt geboren. War schon zweimal da, und hab mir nie was gefunden, obwohl ich auf Flohmärkten immer fündig werde. War mir alles irgendwie zu beliebig, und teilweise auch ganz schön siffig. Wie das Gelände übrigens auch. Also, rausfahren nach Daglfing werd ich mir in Zukunft sparen.

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