Neubaugassen Flohmarkt

While trendy all year round, Vienna's Neubaugasse goes into overdrive twice a year in spring and autumn when over 360 merchants and 100,000 visitors show up for the Neubaugassen Flohmarkt

Vienna has a torrid love affair with the past, a nostalgic longing felt throughout the city’s cobblestone streets. Austria’s capital city hosts various weekly flea markets, and is home to a large antiques district where antique dealers and Vienna’s auction house are located. In fact it is easy to spend a whole weekend searching for antique treasures!

However, flea market enthusiast and antique lovers looking forward to finding a mind boggling range of Austrian antiques ranging from old furniture to trinkets of jewellery, should mark the Neubaugassen Flohmarkt in their calendar. The first Neubaugassen Flohmarkt took place back in 1983, and nobody could have foreseen that it would be such a recurring success.

The Neubaugasse is one of the most famous shopping streets in Vienna. It is located in the 7. Wiener Gemeindebezirk, and is also known as “die Straße der Spezialisten” or “Wiens KUHlste Einkaufsweide”.

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, Vienna’s flea market lovers get the chance to go on a two-day shopping spree, when the entire length of Neubaugasse – from Lerchenfelder Straße up to Mariahilferstraß – transforms into a 1.2 miles (2 km) long flea market. While trendy all year round, the Neubaugasse really goes into overdrive on flea market weekends, with over 100,000 visitors and 360 merchants selling antiques, vintage design furniture, retro home decor, toys, clothes, as well as locally-produced fashion, organic cosmetics, arts and crafts, food, and everything else that is hip and cool.

Many say that Neubaugassen Flohmarkt is not about buying. It’s about finding things, getting inspirations and walking through history. And even those who don’t plan on buying anything, can still enjoy from a large selection of delicious food, ranging from Vietnamese spring rolls to Hungarian Lángos, and Viennese sausages – brought by local restaurants who set up stalls in front of their premises. Together with live concerts and a kid’s flea market, Neubaugassen Flohmarkt is a highlight for the whole family.

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