Vintagerie – the modernist showroom

For high-quality retro furniture and fine objects from the 1930s to the 1980s, make your way to Vintagerie – a vintage boutique oozing with opulence and elegance.

This modern vintage lover’s wonderland is situated near Mariahilferstrasse – Vienna’s go-to location for retail therapy. Browse eclectic knick knacks, retro mirrors, lamps and mid-century side tables.

The items for sale in Vintagerie don’t bear a price tag, which means you can negotiate a price based on what you believe it is worth. However, the owners sell their items at a premium price and won’t accept an offer that is too low – as the stock is of the utmost quality.

Vintagerie specializes in items hailing from the 1930s to the 1980s. What we love about this place is that they offer affordable alternatives to classic designer pieces. You can decorate your home with vintage chic style, without breaking the bank.

Alexander and Peter, the store owners, love to travel and bring back a selection of European objects back with them to add to their stunning inventory. Not only do the owners find items in other countries, they also take their stock to other countries and cities to sell at established flea markets.

This retro boutique is known for its extensive selection of chandeliers and classic Austrian designs. One of our favorite items is the ‘Ottakringer’, which is a chair that doubles as a step ladder – it is named after Vienna’s 16th district; Ottakring. We suggest avoiding Vintagerie during the weekends, as it can get very hectic with eager customers – however it does make for a true Viennese shopping experience!

There is no store quite like Vintagerie; it is full of unique and inspiring designs which go to show that modernism can embrace the old without having to compromise the new.

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