Ostbahnhof Flohmarkt

Ostbahnhof Flohmarkt is more accurately described as a collectors' market than a flea market, and has gained a reputation for being the place to go every weeks for quality antiques and other goods in Berlin

Berliners love a flea market and with around fifty to choose from over the city at any given time, it helps when one has something that sets it above the rest. This is definitely the case with the Ostbahnhof Flohmarkt. This market is more accurately described as a collectors’ market than a flea market, and has gained a reputation for being the place to go for quality antiques and other goods in Berlin.

Ostbahnhof Flohmarkt is a weekly affair that takes place all year round. It is not a covered market, so does tend to be busier on sunny days. However, since it specializes in more collectable antiques, it tends to attract a bit more of an invested crowd who are not easily put off by bad weather when there is a high chance of treasure. It makes for a lovely atmosphere at this market; not too bustling, lots of chat with stall holders and lots of shared appreciation over the incredible items for sale.

The collections found at Ostbahnhof Flohmarkt are lovely and diverse. And with 120 to 150 vendors showing up every week, there is always plenty to please collectors from many different fields of interest. Antique furniture is displayed here, as well as mid century modern home decor, vinyl records, stamp collections, coins, porcelain pieces, artwork, antique books, religious items, postcards and advertising memorabilia. And in order to maintain the quality of this event, the organizers of Ostbahnhof Flohmarkt have banned the resell of new items on the premises.

Vendors of the Ostbahnhof Flohmarkt are a nice mixture of weekly regulars and rotations. Organizers of the market try hard to get the best selection and range of items for sale, and will often save spots for stall holders from overseas to bring in their collections. As long as the quality is high, and the goods are at least “vintage”, then vendors are welcome.

One of the reasons Ostbahnhof Flohmarkt continues to be popular is the competitive pricing of the goods. People know that there is a chance of snagging something extraordinary here for an ordinary price. Haggling is also always an option, meaning a good price can always get better!

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