Paddington Market

A melting pot of young, talented and edgy designers offering a mix of high quality and fashionable clothing alongside a divine arrangement of handmade arts and crafts.

Every week come rain or shine – Paddington Market begins trading with its eclectic mix of local fashion, handmade crafts and quality antiques. With many products on offer which are not available in any high street stores, a visit to the community ran Paddington Market ensures a unique discovery whilst aiding a truly worthy cause.

Paddington Market is a melting pot of young, talented and edgy designers where you can find a startling mix of high quality and fashionable clothing alongside a divine arrangement of handmade arts and crafts. For the flea market enthusiast on the look out to re-design their home, Paddington Market provides the setting to bring your dreams into reality.

There are a number of leather goods stalls and one of jewelry designs which are a perfect for gifts. There are also a scattering of mid-century antiques which stir up plenty of interest. The food court at Paddington Market is definitely something worth visiting. The locals visit here often for their afternoon meals, and it is easy to see why. The onsite cafe offers a wide selection of mouth-watering treats the whole family can enjoy. If it is just a snack you are looking for, there are plenty of artisan cake stalls around the site which are destined to ruin any diet plan.

Paddington Market operates through Paddington Uniting Church. The market is a non profit organisation and promotes inclusiveness and creativity in the local community. By visiting this unique and wonderful market you are not only helping local artists and designers, but you are funding projects which support the homeless and the disadvantaged. Paddington Market has a strong belief that people’s passion and creativity should be fully encouraged, and this is more than evident with the vendors on display.

Parking is quite limited around Paddington Market and is only available for one hour. If you are planning on a longer stay then it is advisable to take public transport. The market is well connected so wherever you are coming from it is possible to take a bus. Once you find the right bus then alight one stop after Paddington Town Hall. Full travel information is available on the Paddington Market website.

As the market is a small and community ran project, it is unlikely to take up a full day when visiting. However, it is still worth the trip as there is much more to the area than just a market. Around Paddington itself there are various high quality boutiques and shoe stores where you can unearth a one of a kind gem. If you have had your fill of shopping then why not visit the Australian Centre for Photography. Entry to this is free and there are always interesting and inspiring exhibitions on.

For those wanting to relax and enjoy a peaceful afternoon – there are a number of pubs and cafes situated throughout the area to whittle away the hours. Or simply hop on a bus for a short ride to the amazing Bondi Beach.

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