Surry Hills Market

A flea market with an eclectic mix of hand picked vintage stores, alongside a remarkable array of rare antique dealers selling items you never even knew existed

On the outskirts of Sydney is Surry Hills Market – but do not be dismayed by the distance from the center. This area is a vibrant and hip place with a buzzing atmosphere. The regeneration and gentrification the area has gone through has seen it grow into the central hub for the cities creative industries.

One Saturday a month, the Surry Hills Market open air delight operates rain or shine, where it is likely to stumble across a stall selling that perfect piece of furniture or a new dress to stun your friends.

Surry Hills Market has an eclectic mix of emerging talented designers alongside beautifully hand picked vintage stores and a remarkable array of rare antique dealers selling items you never even knew existed! The stall holders all add to the charming atmosphere, making sure everyone around is having a good time.

There is a real community vibe in the air – the market is a fundraiser for the local Neighborhood Center, an essential service for disadvantaged members of the local area. Around the food court, there is a hive of innovative chefs cooking up new and exciting combinations to make the mouth water.

Taking a leisurely stroll around Surry Hills Market, there are vintage dresses from $10 – so take a suitcase with you if you plan on reinventing your wardrobe. If clothing is not top of your agenda then look deeper to find a range of items from classic antique grandfather clocks, a huge array of classic literature or even fine china and tea sets. Surry Hills Market has it all!

There are plenty of cafes located around the site to take a break and recharge. Sitting in the sun with a delicious coffee is the perfect place to take in the surrounding environment and perhaps spot your next purchase. The Surry Hills Community Cafe offers sumptuous cakes alongside a wide range of teas, with prices subsidized to help fund the community.

The superb quality of the hand-made and recycled items on offer really distinguishes Surry Hills market as a cut above the normal community market. Reworked vintage home wares are here in abundance and the talent of the up and coming fashion designers is clear to see.

Keep a watchful eye out for Vampt Vintage. Specializing in mid-century vintage pieces sourced not only from Australia but across Europe too. A wide range of furniture and lighting pieces are on offer where sustainability and quality are the main factors. A local favorite is the collector store, where the vintage fashion sourced from both local and international designers are displayed with such love and precision, it’s like walking through an art gallery.

When in the area of Surry Hills, it is highly recommended to visit the market and witness the magic for yourself. Known as one of the best in the city for its vintage wares and retro designs.

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