Providence Flea Outdoor Market

A thriving community event in Rhode Island since 2013, Providence Flea Outdoor Market serves up a taste of vendors who embrace vintage as a lifestyle, together with a burgeoning maker community

Launched in June 2013, the unique, urban marketplace that is Providence Flea Outdoor Market found its inspiration in the popular, fun and famous Brooklyn Flea and DUMBO Flea in New York. Providence Flea Outdoor Market makes the most of the fair weather of autumn and summer with vendors taking up fantastic outdoor spaces, and moves indoors for winter and spring. This flea market has already seen hundreds of vendors take advantage of its popularity, and it has become a thriving community event in Rhode Island.

Providence Flea Outdoor Market offers much more than your typical flea market. It is not just a collection of folks who have cleared out their houses and are hawking their wares for a few extra bucks. Vendors are entrepreneurs who embrace vintage as a lifestyle, and are carefully hand picked by the organizers. Providence Flea Outdoor Market also celebrates local handcrafts with many sellers having small stores locally. All the goods for sale are unique or bespoke, crafted or curated with love and impossible to resist for keen flea market shoppers. This flea market has become a perfect launch pad for keen vendors to increase their reputations and establish themselves in the marketplace, and it is proud to do so.

Among all the treats and entertainment, Providence Flea Outdoor Market showcases a broad range of goods for sale. There are household decorations, indoor and outdoor furniture, vintage and handcrafted jewelry, clothing, stained glass, woodwork, cushions, coolers, toys and so much more. Anyone seeking that special something that can not be found anywhere else should shop here immediately.

Social non-profits that have their homes in the local community are warmly welcomed at Providence Flea Outdoor Market. As well as the amazing stalls and wonderful causes, the Providence flea market also invites local musicians to attend and brighten up the venue, as well as food trucks and carts selling delicious, homemade and local food so that shoppers can remain energized through the day. The whole atmosphere engulfing this flea is celebratory, and shoppers are sure to make this a regular place to visit after their first experience.

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