Rhode Island Antique Mall

Boasting more than 20,000 square feet of antique treasures in a huge warehouse, the Rhode Island Antique Mall has all antiquing needs met at one stop under one roof

Every now and then, it is great to not worry about the weather and have all antiquing needs met at one stop under one roof. Without doubt, the best place in Rhode Island for such a time is the Rhode Island Antique Mall. This location boasts more than 20,000 square feet of antique treasures. The mighty mall, more like a huge warehouse, has around 200 dealers within, and all are ready to show off their wares and strike a perfect deal to make for happy customers.

Rhode Island Antique Mall is in a perfectly accessible location, just off of the main highway I-95. Vendors are spread over two floors inside the building, and specialities are divided accordingly so the store is easy to navigate, especially if buyers are searching for something specific. If casual browsing is more your thing though, this is the perfect spot to do so. Taking a leisurely stroll through the whole place can take a while, as there is something to see on every table and for sure too many tempting things to be able to leave the store empty handed!

The first level of the Rhode Island Antique Mall is dedicated to antique furniture, artwork, rugs and carpets, a wide range home decor items and fine collectables displayed in showcases. Stall holders are all engaged with their pieces and happy to help out interested browsers, and will share plenty of information about their wares. The second level is home to the more eclectic collections, and shoppers can never be quite sure what they might find up there, which adds to the fun of visiting here.

As well as the obvious treasure hunting, Rhode Island Antique Mall also offers appraisal services for those with items they suspect to have value, restoration skills and prop rental. They will also deliver any items too big for the trunk of your car, which can be a very useful service indeed.

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