Quebec City’s Antique District

For a walk through history, and a collector's dream, vintage enthusiasts and history buffs are advised to take a stroll along Rue Saint-Paul and Rue Saint-Pierre in Old Quebec

When it simply must be antiques and vintage, shoppers need to acquaint themselves with Rue Saint-Paul and Rue Saint-Pierre in Old Quebec. Both streets are an undeniable hotspot for antique shopping in Quebec City, with 5 of the 10 most interesting “antique” stores of the city found on Rue Saint-Paul. At just 400 meters long, Rue Saint-Paul has no less than 8 shops squeezed onto it, all specialized in antiques and vintage. For a walk through history, and a collector’s dream, vintage enthusiasts and history buffs are advised to take a stroll along here.

The historic stretch of Rue Saint-Paul dates back to 1816, when the area was developed on the wharf of the Saint-Charles River. This road helped link Quebec City’s oldest district to the new, expanding suburbs. The history of the area known as “Old Quebec” is reflected in the stores now lining the street, and many of the shop owners like Bolduc, l’Héritage, G & M Bourguet Antiquaires will take interested browsers on a journey back in time through the stories behind their wares. Quebec City’s antique district is therefore a fantastic location to search for those specific treasures.

Each shop of Rue Saint-Paul and Rue Saint-Pierre is full to the brim of a wide range of second-hand items and antiques. Therefore, if you are searching for something specific, it is worth popping into every store! There is no telling what may lie within, and window displays only offer the smallest selection of the wares. There are old cameras, historical photographs, works of art, pieces of furniture, toys, clothing, bicycles, jewelry, ornaments, glass and china ware, tools, weapons, military memorabilia and too many other unique items to mention. G & M Bourguet Antiquaires in Rue Saint-Pierre is however the only high-level antique dealer whose reputation is recognized by antique dealers and collectors from all over America. He is specialized in fine original Quebec painted furniture, folk art, and ceramics, and is a member of the Association des Antiquaires du Canada.

The narrow cobbled streets of Rue Saint-Paul and Rue Saint-Pierre are enticing to those seeking a reprieve from the tourist tack. There is always a cafe or coffee shop within reach too, so shoppers can take a load off and plan which store to head into next. It is too easy to spend a day here, and most visitors will be sure to return.

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