Radschlägermarkt Düsseldorf

The Radschlägermarkt is one of the oldest and largest flea market in Düsseldorf, hosting every month between 350 and 400 vendors selling a qualitative selection of vintage and antique merchandise to the unfettered joy of diehard second-hand shoppers

The Radschlägermarkt is the oldest flea market in Düsseldorf and one of the largest besides the Trödel and Sammlermarkt Düsseldorf P1 and Trödel & Antikmarkt am Aachener Platz. It has been attracting antique and vintage enthusiasts from all over Germany and further afield like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg since the 70s. It is located on the grounds of the Grossmarkt, a large wholesale market for businesses and restaurants. Once a month on Sundays, the Grossmarkt opens its gates for flea market-goers to shop the day away.

Between 350 and 400 vendors set up shop at this market these days, and all of them pay homage to treasures of yester-year and have no interest in anything made recently. Visitors to this market share this taste of course, and one of the reasons it is so popular every month is because shoppers know they will be treated to so much variety and all of it quality vintage wear and antiques.

Those who have already visited the Vlooienmarkt IJ-Hallen in Amsterdam will experience a positive feeling of dejà-vu at the Radschlägermarkt Düsseldorf: both flea markets sprawl endlessly to the unfettered joy of diehard second-hand shoppers and offer a qualitative selection of vintage and antique merchandise. In fact, visitors are guaranteed that they will not find even one new item on all the many stalls at the Radschlägermarkt Düsseldorf.

With a nice mixture of private and professional sellers at Radschlägermarkt Düsseldorf, it makes for a lovely range of different items on display. Locals in the know are well aware that this is the flea market where bargains can be found, regardless of the city’s reputation for being pricey. Enough different furniture items can be found here to kit out a whole flat, alongside collectible toy cars and soldiers, old telephones, dolls, pictures and paintings, ornamental items, games, cutlery sets, vintage clothing, hats and handbags and so much more.

Officially, Radschlägermarkt Düsseldorf opens its doors at 11 am, which is quite late by flea market standards. However, most shoppers arrive hours earlier and stallholders are ready for business before this time. Therefore, the keenest collectors should probably aim to arrive before the official starting time, since as with all flea markets the very best bargains go to those who simply see them first! Radschlägermarkt Düsseldorf is a flea market that will have visitors coming back month after month, and its place in the city seems fixed for many years to come.

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