Vlooienmarkt IJ-Hallen

Vlooienmarkt IJ-Hallen is a 750 stalls-large monthly flea market, that sprawl endlessly to the unfettered joy of diehard second-hand shoppers, who come from all over Europe to treasure-hunt

Those who love to spend hours searching for second-hand items and couldn’t care less about crowds should add the Vlooienmarkt IJ-Hallen, one of Europe’s biggest flea market, to their bucket list.

The IJ-Hallen flea market takes its name from the massive halls it occupies, which was once a part of the NDSM shipyard. And this monthly flea market seems to sprawl endlessly to the unfettered joy of diehard second-hand shoppers, who come from all over Europe to treasure-hunt.

The IJ-Hallen can accommodate up to 750 stalls, and is usually filled to its maximum capacity; moreover, no commercial vendors are allowed to sell at the IJ-Hallen flea market, only private ones. Vendors attending this flea market always have a vast range of merchandise on offer, including antique furniture, retro collectibles, vintage fashion,  handbags, vintage toys, silverware, jewellery, old books, vintage pull-down charts, kitchenallia, and just about anything else you can think of.

The IJ-Hallen and its flea market are located on the opposite side of the IJ River by the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam-Noord. But it is literally a cinch to reach the premises: just hop on one of the quick and free ferries that shuttle visitors back and forth over the river.

The ride to to NDSM-werf lasts just 15 minutes from the 906 ferry stop located outside from Amsterdam Central Station, and the views of the IJ River and the architecture on its banks is worth the trip itself. Plus, there’s lots more to explore in Amsterdam-Noord, even after your capacity to shop is exhausted.

If you had to choose a particular venue in Amsterdam to focus your attention on, this flea market is a winner.

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5 reviews

  1. Spent nearly an entire day browsing the market. There was literally a little bit of everything – antiques, vintage, furniture, clothing and everything else. For me, I was happy nothing was new… it’s a bit of a treasure hunt. It reminded me of the Rose Bowl Flee Market in California.

    It was really easy to catch the 5 minute ferry ride over to the flee market grounds. It was just in back of the main train station in central Amsterdam. Once you get to the market you need to pay €5 to get in, which was really worth a day of fun. Take a back pack since many of the vendors do not have bags for your purchases. Also, make sure and take plenty of cash since I don’t recall seeing an ATM. I was there for the July sale and there must have been well over 700 dealers!

  2. De drukste en grootste rommelmarkt van Amsterdam

  3. One of the must see hip (-ster) attractions of Amsterdam, also a cheap place to get clothing and just all kinds of stuff ranging from lamps to soviet honor medals.

  4. Largest flea-market in the Netherlands. Lot’s of stuff, merchants and normal people sell here. Prices can be modest if you know how to bargain.

  5. This happen only once a month, if I recollect right from my visit. Overall worth a experience right from boarding the ferry from behind the central station to reaching the place. This happens in some warehouse and the whole place around gives a very charming and relaxing feel. There are some very nice graffiti on the wall of these warehouse.

    You get some unique and some regular stuff at very good bargain price. Should not miss visiting the place if it tends to fall during your visit to the city

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