Retrosexual Vintage Shop

Retrosexual Vintage Shop sells a collection of fully operational original vintage furniture, lights and lamps, electric appliances and decorative items from the 20s through to the 90s which are all cared of by hand thus preserving their authenticity

Retrosexual Vintage Shop is a movement. It is all about forming a connection with items, treasuring them for what they are and what went into creating them, and finding ways to re-craft those that may be damaged or worn out. It is stepping up to the throw-away culture and reaching back to a time when things were made to last, when people saved up for weeks to buy something desired, and therefore held onto it for years. Retrosexual Vintage Shop re-visits a time when every item made was crafted by hand and unique as a consequence, and want to stay away from current, homogeneous trends. If these philosophies sound appealing, you do not want to miss this store.

Joe Petropoulos is the brainchild behind the Retrosexual Vintage Shop. He is an industrial designer and design historian researcher and has had a passionate interest in design from around the globe since his childhood. This store features some of Joe and his creative team’s design work, as well as many items and historical objects from the 20th century that they have carefully curated.

The collection showcased at the Retrosexual Vintage Shop consists of original vintage furniture, lights and lamps, electric appliances and decorative items, clocks, old telephones, typewriters, advertising memorabilia and more. All items are carefully maintained by hand, which the owners feel preserves their authenticity. Those that collect 20th-century items will definitely find items here worthy of their collections, and the more casual shopper will be spoiled for choice with original, intriguing pieces to add to their homes.

Each and every item featured there, is fully operational and has its own story. And the staff is always keen to share everything they know with interested customers. One of the best things about shopping in stores like this is acquiring items with a little bit of history wrapped up with them, and this is one of the many reasons that it is impossible to leave this store empty-handed.

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