Scavenged P-Arts Antiques

There's nothing quite like Scavenged P-Arts Antiques in the state of Illinois, and this antique store will impress both collectors of the old, weird, and wonderful, and those simply searching for one of a kind conversation-starters for their homes

On the far-flung outskirts of Chicago in Rockford, Illinois, stands Scavenged P-Arts Antiques and Oddities. It is located slightly in the middle of nowhere, in an industrial area. From the outside, the building does look somewhat like a random warehouse. However, since 2012, this antique store has been open for business. And it is certainly worth the drive to check it out. There is nothing quite like Scavenged P-Arts Antiques in the rest of the state and it will impress both collectors of the old, weird, and wonderful, and those simply searching for unique conversation-starters for their homes.

The driving force behind the success of Scavenged P-Arts Antiques and Oddities is one woman, Sarah Thistle. A full-time picker with a passion for the bizarre, Sarah harbors a lifelong obsession with antiques and collectibles, and she amassed quite the personal collection since childhood. It seemed like a logical step to turn this never-ending passion into a business. Of course, this can be a tricky thing to accomplish without a little help from some friends, and the final product of the store was born thanks to a wider team of enthusiastic volunteers and helpers. The fact that it was very much a labor of love helps to create the happy and welcoming atmosphere that permeates every aspect of this store.

At Scavenged P-Arts Antiques and Oddities, there is way more to see than just the standard run-of-the-mill antiques. There are one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, re-purposed items of all shapes and sizes, local art, medical pieces that come with a fascinating history, taxidermy, industrial goods, and so much more. Part of the skill behind this store is the seeking and the picking. The rest of the skill is in the up-cycling and the re-invention of items in ways that most people could not imagine.

Items at Scavenged P-Arts Antiques and Oddities are always affordable. In fact, many of the goods are much cheaper than collectors may expect. This is to ensure that pieces do not hang around for long and that there is always space for something new and exciting to hit the shelves.

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