Scott Antique Market Atlanta

Scott Antique Market Atlanta hosts every month of the year the country’s largest indoor antique show with over 3,300 booths filled with fine antiques and collectibles.

Every month of the year, Scott Antique Market hosts a three days antique event at the Atlanta Expo Center, Georgia. This event features over 3,300 booths filled with fine antiques and collectibles, in two large warehouses. No wonder why the company bills its events as the country’s largest indoor antique shows.

For nearly 20 years, Don Scott, founder of Scott Antique Markets, made a living buying and selling antiques. He traveled the country finding antiques and selling them at various antique shows. Thirty years later, Scott Antique Market has grown into one of the country’s largest monthly indoor antique show featuring three active locations: Atlanta (Georgia), Columbus (Ohio) and Washington Court House (Ohio).

Scott Antique Market showcases merchandises you would normally find in antique shops. Furniture from early American oak to paper Americana, jewelry, silverware, heirloom-quality oil paintings, upholstered furniture, French home décor, antique watches, vintage toys, kitchenware, jukeboxes, antique tools, vintage clothing, phonographs, antique cameras are some of the many items one can find at Scott Antique Market. In fact, the quality of the merchandise sold at Scott Antique Market is so high, that Thursdays were formerly reserved for design professionals, before finally opening to the general public.

Scott Antique Market Atlanta is organized around two locations: The South building where merchants sell more “affordable” antiques (not quite garage-sale cheap, but less expensive than some more-famous markets), and the North building which showcases higher-end items like rugs, antique furniture, bronze, lighting, and antique silverware.

To get the best selection and beat crowds, it is strongly advised to show up at Scott Antique Market Atlanta first thing in the morning. And always remember: the key to discovering treasures at Scott Antique Market is to use your imagination!

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