Stag and Squire

Founded on a passion for the unique, unusual, and antique, Stag and Squire strive to bring their customers the unusual, tantalizingly decadent, and downright outrageous antique items to conjure wistful nostalgia

Stag and Squire was founded on a passion for the unique, unusual, and antique. Dave Harris, the owner, finds great personal enjoyment in the appreciation of old and antique items, for the nostalgia they bring as well as, in many cases, the beauty. Through Stag and Squire, he wishes to share this enjoyment far and wide. It is possible to visit the store, though it is not a shop per se with regular opening hours. Rather, interested parties should contact Dave for an appointment to browse through his incredible collection and choose a few items to bring home with them.

The premises of Stag and Squire is located in the sumptuous, colorful, and rustic Culm Valley in Devon in the UK. Devon is known for being home to people with individuality, passion, and charm, and these characteristics are found at the forefront of Stag and Squire. As well as being traits of the owner, these words can also be used to describe the antiques that are lovingly searched for and displayed here. The hunt for stunning antiques is not limited to this rural corner of England. Antiques here come from the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the rest of the world.

There is no clear theme or genre to the antiques found at Stag and Squire. As long as they are fine, eccentric, wacky, and rare, they will find their place among the wares here. Items that have been found for sale here include chairs, a Victorian writing slope, a model of the Borrowers’ house, copper milk churns, original sculptures, French confit pots, a Regency toleware plate warming cabinet, stone garden urns, and so much more. Some found items are also upcycled and repurposed, adding a modern twist to an antique classic.

The stock at Stag and Squire is constantly being updated. The best way to keep up to date with their inventory is to stay engaged with their social media channels. Shopping online is also possible of course, but there is nothing like strolling around their actual store and getting one’s hand on the amazing goods.

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