Stamford Meadows

Featuring over 150 stalls, Stamford Meadows has become the place to visit in Summer for regular flea market patrons, serious antique collectors and also families seeking an enjoyable weekend

The history of annual markets in Stamford dates back to the middle ages, and mention of the Stamford fair is even made in one of Shakespeare’s plays. Fitting, then, that the current annual market in the surrounding fields of this wonderful town is an antiques fair. Stamford Meadows is held in the summer months, and fills a long weekend with more than 150 stalls displaying a multitude of treasures from days gone by.

A huge marquee is erected for Stamford Meadows, and stalls are also set up free-standing in the field. There is a fantastic atmosphere surrounding this weekend, and Stamford Meadows has become the place to visit for regular flea market patrons, serious antique collectors and also families seeking an enjoyable weekend. There is plenty of coffee to be had, home made cakes, breakfast and lunch stalls, so it is too easy to stay for the whole day and keep on shopping!

There are some really great antique collections at Stamford Meadows, and for a few extra pence is it possible to pay for early entry and get first look at the goods for sale. This antique fair features pieces of furniture, jewelery collections, antique clocks, glass ware, decorative objects, artwork, china, military memorabilia and much, much more. Vendors are very knowledgeable, and willing to strike a deal on their goods. The pricing is always fair though, which is a relief as it is very hard to visit this fair without buying too many things.

There is plenty of parking available at Stamford Meadows, and from the market it is only a five minute walk into the town. Therefore, if visitors do happen to have enough of browsing around the excellent market stalls, the day can always be finished with a visit into Stamford itself. A weekend at Stamford Meadows is certainly one well spent, and it is easy to see why most visitors are yearly regulars.

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