Stara Rzeźnia Antique Market

Once a meat factory and slaughterhouse, Stara Rzeźnia has been re-purposed into a mix-use complex that hosts a weekly flea market and one of the largest monthly antique market in the country

If Poznan is known for its universities, its Old Market Square, and its Renaissance-style buildings, the fifth-largest city in Poland is also a heaven for shoppers. From modern malls, shopping centres, and boutiques to the many market squares which offer thousands of collectibles, Poznan entices the shoppers to part with their hard-earned cash.

However, one venue in particular seems to be unanimously favored by locals and tourists alike with a keen eye for all things antiques and vintage.

Stara Rzeźnia, a former meat factory and slaughterhouse which was closed in 1990s, has been re-purposed into a mix-use complex with coherent functional layout and people-friendly public spaces, that regularly hosts cultural events. Two of these events include a weekly flea market (Pchli Targ), and a monthly antique market (Giełda Antyków) that is considered one of Poland’s largest Antiques Markets. Because Stara Rzeźnia Antique Market is attended by collectors and buyers from all over the country, proves this is no overstatement. The old slaughterhouse also hosts 5 days a week an antique furniture store.

The antique market at Stara Rzeźnia (Giełda Stara Rzeźnia) is a real gold mine for flea market enthusiasts and bargain hunters. The venue hosts approximately 80 stalls overflowing with Art Nouveau and Art Déco antiques, design from the 50s, 60s and 70s, vintage clothes and accessories, antique books, vinyl records, stamps, watches, clocks, furniture, pottery, toys, silverware, glassware, prewar bathroom fixtures, sculpture, wonderful trinkets, and a lot of knick-knacks. Most vendors just set their goods upon blankets on the ground around the factory building, or use small tables and chairs to make a makeshift display. Some sell their merchandise directly from the back of their truck.

Travelers who do not speak Polish shouldn’t get discouraged by the prices asked by the vendors, as these are usually opening bids. Some sellers might try their luck at cheating tourists with ridiculously exaggerated prices, but that’s part of the flea market experience when you’re traveling abroad in a foreign country.

Despite that, the antique market at Stara Rzeźnia can be a gold mine to shoppers who show determination, persistence, and who play the early bird! It is generally advised to arrive on site at around 8 am, when the merchandise hasn’t been yet unpacked. This is when real bargains are made.

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