Târgul Colecționarilor de Antichități

A rather small flea market with approximately 25 to 30 exhibitors, but filled with little treasures

Right in the center of Bucharest, at University Square, you can visit The Antiquities Collectors Market (Târgul Colecționarilor de Antichități). This flea market takes place twice a month, in the front yard of the neogothic Suțu Palace, which hosts the Museum of Bucharest. Both the antiquities market and the Museum are a must see in the Romanian capital, so make sure you attend this flea market from the early morning.

It is a rather small flea market with approximately 25 to 30 exhibitors, but you may take quite a while to explore all the little treasures. At the The Antiquities Collectors Market, visitors can find old coins and banknotes, vintage postcards and photographs, books, badges, analogue cameras, antique silver jewellery, vinyls, ceramics and occasionally painted furniture pieces.

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When you know something is overpriced, you can bet the other items at that booth probably are, too.

— Amanda Sims, writer at food52.com
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Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu
București Municipiul București RO
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