Texas Antique Weekend

Because of its massive size, diverse spread, and semi-annual schedule, there is no such thing as a casual visit to the Texas Antique Weekend

As the saying goes, “everything is bigger in Texas”. And its premiere flea market is no exception. Several times a year, more than 100,000 people flock to rural Texas to shop at more than 60 antique, collector, decor and fashion shows in barns, halls, under tents and in fields that span over 30 acres along Highway 237, about midway between Houston and Austin. And, contrary to what its name may lead us to think, each edition of the Texas Antique Weekend actually lasts for more than just a weekend. The spring edition even lasts for several weeks!

Simply put: Texas Antique Weekend is not your regular flea market and it ranks among the top 20 flea markets in the United States. This epic event regroups dozens and dozens of show sites in and around the communities of Round Top and Warrenton, in Fayette County, Texas. Antique Weekend Shows are scattered in Carmine, Burton, Oldenburg, Shelby, Fayetteville, and points in between.

A broad collection of independent show promoters and local entrepreneurs provide space for more than 2,000 antique, collectible and craft vendors and dealers throughout the several small communities. Thousands of vendors from all over the country regularly attend the Antique Weekend, to showcase items like Majolica ceramics, mid-century holiday decorations, vintage chairs, glassware, china, crockery, silverware, trinkets, chandeliers, lamps, light fixtures, vintage clothing & accessories, linen, rugs, small Victorian items, ranch oak furniture and basically everything else in between.

To sum it up, if you want big, expensive items, they’re there. If you want junk, it’s there. It really has everything. Because of its massive size, diverse spread, and semi-annual schedule, there is no such thing as a casual visit to the Texas Antique Weekend. Whether you are a devout or amateur thrifter, make a shopping holiday out of it.

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    5 reviews

    1. If you are looking for Antique furniture from Europe or even the US, you need to go there. You can also find replica from Vietnam, Sweden or else.
      If you need pottery , metal signs or sculptures, wood platters, lamps, chairs, sofas, fabric, rugs you name it, that’s also the place to go.
      My advice, you will need several days to see everything because it is huge. And go there the week before the dates, most of the vendors are already there except for 2 venues if I remember correctly, Red Barn and an other big one. If you can’t go that week , go on week days otherwise prepare yourself for thousands of people and traffic jam.

    2. Fun! But why is everything so EXPENSIVE? I was under the impression you could get great deals. It seemed the further out you went the better. A few people had decent prices but not many.

    3. If you are looking for quality antiques, friendly dealers, and the best shopping environment in Round Top, then this is the place for you!

    4. Bring plenty of money! Not for refurbishers and recyclers.

    5. This place has everything!

      Warrenton has more of the “junk” and better deals. It was my experience that Round Top was more high end antiques. If you are looking for rusty and dusty unique find go the Warrenton shows first.

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